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NEW Aimee Alexander Design: Sawing Logs


It is okay if you look at this picture and sigh with happiness. I do every time I see it. This sweetly sleeping baby is under Aimee’s newest pattern release, Sawing Logs.

Using worsted weight yarn and a fun combination of twisted stitches and seed stitch, this blanket is a fun challenge for a beginning knitter. It is the perfect mix of easily memorized motif and simple knitting for the more experienced knitter.

Aimee knit the original blanket in Berroco Vintage. Vintage really is our go-to yarn for baby and kids. It comes in such a large color range (currently we have 44 in stock) and knits up relatively quickly in a gauge of 4 to 5 stitches per inch. The other recommended yarns for Sawing Logs are Malabrigo Rios and Berroco Comfort. While Vintage is a blend of acrylic and washable wool, Rios is 100% washable wool and Comfort is an acrylic and nylon blend for those who prefer no wool.

Sawing logs & yarn text

Sawing Logs is designed to be knit to three sizes, lovie measuring 16″ x 16″, stroller measuring 25″ x 33″, and crib measuring 33″ x 41″. All of Aimee’s blankets are designed for these three sizes. The lovie is perfect for just that, loving and cuddling. The stroller size is also perfect for throwing over a car seat. The crib size is perfect for the nursery.

Get Pattern button

To see some examples of Sawing Logs that have been knit thus far, click here.

One of the most popular Knit ‘n Needle Yarn Shoppe patterns designed by Aimee has recently been re-released, Bobbles for the Whole Family. I remember seeing this hat as a shoppe sample when I first went in and learned to knit. It is not uncommon to be out and about in Whitefish, Montana in the winter and see these hats on all sorts of people. We hope that you will discover how fun this pattern is for yourself. Knit up some for your family this summer so you are ready to start winter with a little fun with bobbles!

Bobbles for the Family

If you do not have a Ravelry account, you can also buy these pattern from

Sawing Logs

Bobbles for the Whole Family

Thanks so much all your support! Be sure to check the Ravelry group, Aimee Alexander Designs for support and more information on these patterns and all other patterns from Aimee.

Happy Knitting!

~Angela M.

PS: Sorry for the blog silence for a bit. There was death in my family I needed to attend to. Don’t worry all is well and at peace. Just wanted to let you know.


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Aimee Alexander Designs

Blanket collage text

The exciting Polkadotsheep event  is that Aimee Alexander has decided to launch a designer group on Ravelry. For those of you who may not know, Aimee is the owner of the Knit ‘n Needle Yarn Shoppe and She is also a talented designer. The Knit ‘n Needle Yarn Shoppe Ravelry group has been the place to go to for support with Aimee’s pattern and it still will be that. But Aimee decided that it was time for her patterns to have their very own home on Ravelry.

So join Aimee in the Ravelry group, Designs by Aimee Alexander! There will be many familiar faces there if you have spent anytime in our Ravelry group. But there are a lot of unfamiliar (to me) faces as well. Aimee has designed many lovely baby blankets and I am discovering there are a lot of dedicated blanket knitters. I have spent the week looking at those projects. The group project pages will only be featuring Aimee’s designs. We are hoping this will be the go to resource for questions and inspiration. The group will eventually feature threads on each of Aimee’s designs (a work in progress) and sneak peeks of upcoming designs.

The Sea of Dreams KAL continues to move along well. A few participants have finished their blankets. Some have just joined us. We have had some great discussions of strategies for knitting lace. The praises of highlighter tape has been sung by someone other than myself. Here is a list of items that participants have added to their tool kits since they cast on for the KAL.

It is amazing how much the right tools can enhance your knitting experience. On the best way to make your knitting better is using the right needles for the job. For many, when knitting lace, sharp tips of needles are a must. If you have been bitten by the lace knitting bug, I recommend a Addi Clicks Lace or Lace long tips Kits. These kits are not exactly the same. So you need to consider your knitting and your usual choice of projects and read the product descriptions. Even if you aren’t that into knitting lace but know you like your needles to have pointy tips, these are the needles for you.

Addi Clicks Lace - long tips

Addi Clicks Lace – long tips

I have been knitting on my Sea of Dreams blanket and my son’s birthday sweater. I must admit due to other unplanned circumstances, my son’s sweater might not be done by his birthday. To be honest, I am hoping it is too warm to wear sweaters by the end of this month (it has been rather chilly where I am the past two weeks). But we observed two bluebird pairs in front of our house last week, so I know it is spring!

Happy Knitting!

~Angela M.

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