Warm Up Your Toes KAL: Thoughts Before You Begin

September 13, 2013 at 10:33 am 7 comments

When reading the Dinar slipper pattern for the upcoming Warm Up Your Toes KAL, I found information  that I wanted to highlight for you before you begin.

Dinar front & back

If you are wondering what this KAL(knit-a-long) is all about, read about it in the introductory post, Warm Up Your Toes in Our Dinar Slipper KAL.

Obviously, you will need to own the Dinar pattern for the following to make much sense to you. If you don’t have the pattern, you can purchase it here*.
It is always good to read through a pattern before you begin. I begin by looking for specific notes from the designer. The Dinar slippers has a few notes. They cover about the slipper construction, how to modify the sizing for your personal comfort along with other helpful information.
I mentioned in the introductory post that the sole of the Dinar slipper is knit with the yarn held double. Knitting with yarn doubled simply means you hold two strands of yarn and knit with them as if they are a single strand. The easiest way to knit with yarn doubled is using a center pull ball of yarn. This is the type of ball that you get when you use a ball winder. But you can also make center pull balls by hand, just search “make center pull yarn ball” on Google or YouTube. Here is a little illustration showing how to use that center pull ball that you have.
2013-09-014If you choose not to use a center pull ball of yarn, you will need to split your yarn in two. You don’t have to do it with your entire skein of yarn, just a small second ball will likely do.
Reading further through the pattern, I came to another comment about knitting the soles. It said
Keep track of the number of ridges working in this section in order to replicate second slipper sole exactly. (Emphasis mine)
It occurred to me that one way to solve the “exact replication” problem that arises with anything you need to make two is to make the two items at the same time. The drawback of the “two at a time” method is that you must have two balls of yarn to use. In this case using your yarn double stranded, you will need two center pull balls. That might be simply too complicated for you. Just remember to heed the pattern comment and keep track of your garter ridges. But if you want to take a crack at “2 at a time” soles, here is a little illustration of how that would work.
2013-09-013When working “2 at a time”, you knit across one piece, then the second. Then turn your work. Don’t turn between piece 1 and piece 2 or you will end up with more rows in one piece than the other.
A hint from me to you: When knitting garter stitch I always find it helpful (actually necessary) to mark the right side of my work. The right side and wrong side are not as obvious in garter stitch as stockinette. I frequently mix them up. So I place a locking stitch marker on my right side so I always know.
Further into the Dinar pattern, there is a very useful little table (it is green and white). It will help you maintain the cable while doing the short row shaping of the instep of your slipper. Be sure to refer to it when you get to this section.
A final item that I noticed was that you turn your slipper inside out to work the attached I cord.
I hope that these hints will help you as you get ready to cast on with us this Sunday, September 15.
For other helpful information and chatting, check out the Ravelry thread, Warm Up Your Toes KAL. We have already discussed sizing and using contrasting colors for the slipper parts. Andrea (Rav ID: AndreaKR) has popped into the thread herself to help us out. So join us there too.
Can’t wait to knit a pair of Dinar slippers with you. It has cooled off considerably at my house today and I am wearing slippers as I write. So obviously fall has arrived for me. Time to start knitting!
*If the website asks you for a shipping option when buying the download, choose “in store”. We find that this happens to our buyers outside the US.
Have a lovely weekend!
~Angela M.

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Warm Up Your Toes in Our Dinar Slipper KAL Warm Up Your Toes KAL: Using Contrasting Colors

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