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PolkaDotSheep yarns in Knit ‘n Needle habitat

A little eye candy edition for you today, snapshots of the yarns from in their Whitefish Montana residence, The Knit ‘n Needle Yarn Shoppe.

Shelves with all the Berroco Vintage and Ultra Alpaca colors


Spud and Chloe Outer, Mountain Colors Teton, Berroco Campus
with Peruvia Quick off to left side.

Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton (there are even more colors than shown).


One whole side wall of shoppe with Berroco Comfort (top cubes), Malabrigo Worsted (accross the bottom), ruffling yarns and more.


Sign says it all
with Blue Sky Alpaca Skinny cotton above and Malabrigo worsted below.

You can find all this yarns in the If you have a question about a yarn that wasn’t identified or color, the project models or anything else, ask about it in the comments and we will help you out.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures, but remember all the yarn is perfectly happy to reside in any habitat that you will provide for it. It is actually happiest in projects that you our lovely readers and customers make.  So make this yarn happy and bring it to your needles today!!

Happy knitting!



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Look who we met at TNNA: The Designer Edition

This past weekend, Aimee, Jamie, and I went to The National Needlearts Association aka TNNA trade show in Columbus Ohio. The summer show is where the fall lines are launched. This year’s show was very much about designers. Many designers work for or very closely with specific yarn companies. But for most designers today, it is an amalgam of established publications like Interweave Knits, online publications such as, self publication, yarn support for companies and electronic sales through venues like Ravelry. This gives us knitters and crochets access to an astonishing amount of designs. Here is a collection of the designers we met at TNNA.

First up, Norah Gaughan and Amanda Keep from Berroco Yarns. Norah’s latest collection, Vol. 11, is fabulous as always. Amanda’s designs can be found in several different pattern collections.

Jamie, Norah Gaughan, Angela and Aimee

Amanda Keep, Angela, Aimee and Jamie

We meet Ravelry staff members, Mary-Heather and Sarah.

Sarah, Mary-Heather, and Aimee. is the premier online knitting magazine. Amy Singer is the founder of Knitty which is celebrating their tenth anniversary. They are pioneers in the online knitting world and have launched the careers of many designers.  We got some really fun swag from them including little project bags with bunny ears (I gave mine to my daughter).

Angela, Jillian, Amy Singer, Jamie and Aimee

A designer whose designs both Aimee and Jamie have admired is Jackie E-S. Jackie has done and continues to do it all in the knitting world. She designs stunningly beautiful lace and beaded pieces. In fact, one of her designs will be featured in the latest in shoppe classes, Knitting with Beads taught by Jamie. Following the class, she can share what she has learned about the technique here on the blog.

Aimee, Jackie E-S, and Jamie

Cat Bordhi…if you don’t know who she is, ask a sock knitter and go watch her very helpful and funny YouTube technique videos.

Cat Bordhi and Jamie

We visited Ysolda Teague’s booth that was fashioned as a fun tea shop and had all her samples in it. It was so funny to try on sweaters that are in my pattern library and my mental knitting queue.

Jamie, Ysolda, and Aimee

Jamie was able to meet two designers from the UK whose designs she has test knit. They are both amazing designers, Ann Kingstone and Ruth Garcia-Alcantud. Most of their patterns are available in the Knit ‘n Needle in store Ravelry sales  and on Ravelry for online customers.

Ann Kingstone and Jamie

Ruth Garcia-Alcantud and Jamie

Scott Rohr is one of the designers featured in the very useful and cool book, Wearwithall. Jamie happens to know his dad.

Jamie and Scott Rohr

The following two ladies were a chance meeting in the Unicorn books booth. We just started talking and ended up exchanging ideas. Anne Weil is the person behind the very lovely craft blog, Flax and Twine. This girl does it all and has been featured in a number of places both in print and online such as Petite Purls, Whip Up, Apartment Therapy, and Parents magazine. Alison Stewart-Guinee is the author of the amazing knitting book, Fairy Tale Knits. She also designs for Petite Purls and I just realized I have her Fantastic Mittster Fox mittens in my Ravelry favorites marked for my kids. If you are looking for ideas and knits that nurture your kids’ imaginations , you must check out these ladies’ blogs, Fairy Tale knits and Ravelry pages. Both ladies were there with the staff of Petite Purls, an online knitting and crafting magazine dedicated to children’s items.

Aimee, Angela, and Anne Weil

Jamie and Alison Stewart-Guinee

Another designer that we met by chance when we stopped her to ask “nosy” question is Kris Carlson. I realized we don’t have a picture with her but look for more of her designs coming up in the blog. I am actually knitting two of them right now. She has absolutely adorable lovie blankets she calls Woobies, the sort of knits that make you say “ahhhh, cute”. The link takes you to the woobies in series one but series two is on its way. Kris also has accessory designs. I am nearly finished with the Gannon hat in a coming soon yarn. Her designs are available in the Knit ‘n Needle in store Ravelry sales  and on Ravelry for online customers.

What is amazing is there was so many designers and other knitting people at TNNA that I kept walking around saying “I think that was __________.” Not really enough hours in the day to talk to everyone and see everything, but enough hours to bring home new ideas, designs and many wonderful yarns for your pleasure. Look for more information about newly arriving yarns and designs.

To get the full scoop on Polkadotsheep, you really must follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and check the front page of the website often. You never know when you will see a promo code for great savings or information on new yarn and other things we love and use daily.

Happy Knitting!


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