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NEW: Polka Dot Sheep Yarn

SG Slouchy 1

New Release: Snow Ghost Slouchy knit in PDS Worsted (platinum and juice)

If you are a regular reader of this blog, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or a regular in our Ravelry group, you have seen and heard the name “PDS yarn”. Yes, we are launching our very own line of hand dyed yarns. Obviously we are totally thrilled with this new adventure.


We are having a KAL and contest to celebrate the official launch of Polka Dot Sheep Yarn. Details can be found in the Polka Dot Sheep Yarn Ravelry group. The KAL and contest will happen on Ravelry. So if you are not a Ravlery member, go join and then join our PDS yarn group. Win your own Polka Dot Sheep Yarn!

Polka Dot Sheep Yarn is handed by Jennifer O. in her studio in Whitefish, Montana. She is inspired by nature and her imagination. Most colorways are semi solid in nature using the kettle dye method. Variegated colors are dyed using a variety of techniques. The color palette of PDS yarns is expanding nearly daily. If you have a color suggestion or request, tell Jennifer about in the Color Talk thread in the PDS Yarn Ravelry group. Jennifer goes by twincomet on Ravelry.

We currently have three lines of yarn in different weights,

PDS Worsted

PDS Worsted is a plump 100% superwash merino yarn. It is tightly plied and has wonderful stitch definition. Textures and cables pop, the surface is smooth without a halo. PDS Worsted really is perfect for most patterns with a gauge of 4-5 stitch/inch. Each 100 gram skein has 220 yards / 201 meters.

The following patterns from Polka Dot Sheep Publications pair well with PDS Worsted.

PDS Pub Worsted Blankets #

  1. Sawing Logs
  2. Harvest Moon
  3. Candyland
  4. Crisscross Applesauce
  5. Moving Mountains
  6. Rocky Coastline
  7. Mountain Chickadee

PDS Pub Pattern Worsted hats +#

  1. Snow Ghost Slouchy ~ designed specifically for PDS Worsted
  2. Sweet Tart Poncho
  3. Bobbles for the Whole Family
  4. Let It Snow! Ski Hat
  5. Off Piste
  6. Quick & Easy Hats for the Whole Family

PDS Sport

PDS Sport is a 2 ply 100% superwash wool yarn. Its sturdy and durable nature makes it perfect for accessories that get a lot of wear like mittens. Cables and texture show very well. With the largest palette of colors (so far), PDS Sport is excellent choice for stranded knitting. Each 100 gram skein has 345 yards / 316 meters.

The following Polka Dot Sheep Publications patterns pair well with PDS Sport.

PDS Pub Sport #

  1. Snow Ghost Mittens ~ designed specifically for PDS Sport
  2. Snow Ghost ~ designed specifically for PDS Sport
  3. Barleycove
  4. Good Medicine
  5. The Lomond Collection ~ fingerless mitts for the women, men, boys & girls

Tenderfoot 80/20

Tenderfoot is a superwash 80% merino, 20% nylon fingering weight yarn. It has a lovely sheen and depth of color. With 20% nylon, Tenderfoot 80/20 is also great for socks. Each 100 gram skein has 400 yards / 366 meters, an ample amount for a pair of women’s socks. Tenderfoot 8o/20 is available in both semi solid and variegated colors.

The following Polka Dot Sheep Publications patterns pair well with Tenderfoot 80/20.

PDS Pub Fingering

  1. Charlie’s Sock Yarn Hat
  2. Sea of Dreams

Interesting fact: The two patterns above are the most knit of all our patterns.

Try something new today! Grab yourself some PDS Yarn and a Polka Dot Sheep Publications pattern and make your next favorite project.

For all the ways that you can find out the latest news about Polka Dot Sheep and our adventures, please read Where to Find Polka Dot Sheep?.

Have a lovely weekend and happy knitting!

~Angela M.


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Where to find the Polka Dot Sheep?

In this day and age, you can learn about your favorite things in all sorts of places. I want to give you an overview of the places to find us.

Click the picture to be taken each social media home of Polka Dot Sheep.

PDS on FBFacebook is a great place to start following us. Simply click the like button on the top of the page. You will find a mix of local Knit ‘n Needle Yarn Shoppe news like classes and other in store events, photos of yarn and projects, and fun questions for you.

PDS on RavelryIf you want to get know us well, join our Ravelry group! There we can chat, ask detail questions, give support and general fun. To be honest, Ravelry is my personal online home. It has a number of my favorite people talking about my favorite things. Plus our group is full of great listeners for those days that you might need to vent a little. We share recipes, book recommendations, and photos to give your glimpses of new places. It is a great home away from home.

PDS on TwitterWe have fun with Twitter. You will find that all the information we share on Facebook will also turn up on Twitter. But you might also find us sharing our favorite Buzzfeed stories and quizzes, tweets from other designers and sneak peeks of Aimee’s designs.

PDS on PinterestOur newest place we are hanging out is Pinterest. The most fun board is Jennifer’s Color Crushes. You will see what inspires her in dying PDS Yarns. But if you want to pin PDS Publications patterns, see what patterns we are loving and individual colorway photos of PDS yarns, this is the place for you.

Both Polka Dot Sheep Publications and Polka Dot Sheep Yarns also have their own individual Ravelry groups. While this may seem like a lot of Ravelry groups, it really is the best way to provide specific information on our patterns and yarns and customer support.

If you have specific question on any of Aimee or Kendra’s patterns, the Polka Dot Sheep Publications group is the place to go for help. The question may have been previously asked and the answer is there. If not, feel free to ask your question in the thread specific to your pattern choice. Absolutely share your projects in this group, both in the FOs thread and your project page.

In the Polka Dot Sheep Yarn group, there is sneak peeks at colors in developments and new color being released. This is also a great place to ask specific questions about each yarn. This is the place to show off your finished projects in PDS Yarn. Coming soon there will be some fun activities in this group. Keep your eyes open!

If you aren’t much of a social media user but want to keep up with pattern releases, new yarns, classes offering (if you are local to the Knit ‘n Needle Yarn Shoppe) and KAL, the newsletter is your best bet. Newsletters are great because they aren’t as transient as some other forms of social media. You can always save the newsletter for reading at a time that is convenient to you without missing anything. Your inbox will not be overwhelmed with our newsletters.

Sign up PDS newsletterWe really understand that you may not be on every single one of these social media platforms. Of course there is this blog to read as well. But if you can’t possibly get enough Polka Dot Sheep and inspiration, you know where to find us online. Of course you can purchase all the yarns and most patterns we recommend at

Happy Knitting and I will see you online.

~Angela M.

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